What should I buy for a newborn baby girl?

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Babies are fun to shop for in general – but what specifically could you get a newborn baby girl? From clothes to keepsakes, and accessories to books, there are a variety of items you can purchase for a baby girl that are special, unique, and even inspiring.

Special occasion outfit

Is Easter, Christmas, or another special holiday coming up? Getting baby a special dress or outfit, including a diaper cover, stockings, socks, shoes, and accessories could be a fun way to celebrate her arrival and also take some of the pressure off of mom to figure all of that out. Just be sure to ask her if she already had something in mind if it’s for a very specific holiday.


Speaking of accessories, headbands and bows are great presents for little girls. Perhaps you can find some that go with multiple outfits, or perhaps you know they are fans of a certain team – there’s likely a bow out there just for them.

Cute photo frames

Most moms love displaying some photos of their adorable children. A frame that holds a single special picture, or frames to be filled over the years, are a fun way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl.

Baby book / album

There are lots of adorable options for baby keepsake books for little girls, or baby picture albums, or even just a special milestones calendar. Girls also usually grow up and enjoy looking back at what was special to their parents about their early days.

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Jewelry for later

If you want to give newborn jewelry that’s for later, as a gift now, consider her birthstone and jewelry that features these stones. Other ideas might be her initials, name, or along a theme mom has picked for her décor (mermaids, unicorns, ladybugs, or kitties, for example).

Keepsake boxes

Keepsake boxes are for storing a few special items that don’t fit easily in a baby book or scrapbook, but may be special enough to keep always, like an outfit. This can be as simple as a shadowbox, or more of the style of a shoebox or hatbox. You might buy an entire kit, kind of like pre-made scrapbooks.

Keepsake yearly releases

Although this is not as popular as it used to be, a more unique idea might be to look for dolls, knickknacks, and collectibles that release yearly – and you can then gift her something from the year she is born as a keepsake. Look at American Girl, Disney, Hallmark ornaments, and Barbie for examples. Some other ideas might be coin sets, a special release of a book or movie, or figurines.

A cuddly doll, stuffed animal, or lovee

Picking out a special doll, stuffed animal, or the hybrid blanket with an animal head attached that many call a “lovee” for a little girl, you will find there are lots of different options to choose from, and some are even customizable, so you can add initials.

A special blanket

If you’re fairly crafty, making a little girl a blanket is a really nice gift. Or if you cannot make one but buy something customized from someone or somewhere else, that can also be a treasured gift. She’ll probably use several, between having one in the wash at times, and who knows which one she might pick as her favorite blanket – some kids become very attached to a single one.


One of the best gifts you can give little girls is the gift of education, and books are the start of that. Find books about girls who have changed the world, who are strong and brave and courageous, who have done hard things – you will inspire her young heart as she grows. Writing a special note inside the cover can remind her over the years why you got this particular book for her, or series, and gives you a special connection if you read it to her often.

Little girls are fun to shop for, and there are endless options of things you can pick to give a new baby girl. Think to the future, and what you might give her for upcoming birthdays, Christmas presents, and special occasion gifts, if you’d like to set a tradition and theme.

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