What do I wear to a baby shower?

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Deciding what to wear can be a semi-stressful event for some people, especially if your invitation doesn’t particularly give you many clues as to what is expected of you. Should you go all out? Should you even wear a dress? Remember, it’s a celebration! Here are some ideas to consider if you have been invited to a baby shower and are fretting about what to wear! 

Consider the location of the baby shower. 

Is the baby shower to be held at someone’s home? In that case, jeans and a nice blouse may be fine, or you can wear a dress or skirt that is seasonally appropriate.  

If the location is at a casual restaurant, or a community center, more casual wear may also be fine. If the shower occurs at the office, or a church or other religious building, wearing the normal attire worn in these places is likely most appropriate – be that dress clothes, skirts, dresses, more conservative styles, etc.  

If the shower occurs at a high-end restaurant or club, consider more formal clothing, such as a dress and matching jacket if it is going to be cold while you are coming and going.  

Try to plan your shoes, purse, and accessories accordingly, as well. Going a little dressier is probably preferred than being the least dressed up there, if you have to choose on which side to err. 

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If you know what the mom to be is planning to wear, you should not try to outdo her, but do try to match the tone of what she’s going to be wearing. She may not be sure what she’ll wear too far in advance, though, as her ever changing body may make certain outfits less comfortable to wear later into the pregnancy. So, if you ask her or those close to her if they have an idea of what to wear, don’t be surprised if the plan is a bit fluid. 

What season will the shower take place during? 

Use both fashion sense and practicality in choosing your outfit; spring and fall tend to be unpredictable, and so you may find it to be cold one day, and warm the next. Layers may be necessary. 

Summer begs for sun dresses, lighter clothing, and breezier looks. Winter covers a variety of color schemes pre- and post-Christmas.  

Matching the color schemes typically associated with the season is a safe bet. Likewise, if the baby is due near the holidays and you wish to look festive, this probably is fine.  

Do you already know the baby’s gender? 

Some may opt for dressing in pinks or blues, especially in the spring or summer, if the gender is already known and announced. This isn’t really necessary, but is sometimes done, especially if the mom didn’t necessarily have a separate gender reveal. Or, if you know the mom’s favorite color, dressing in that might be a way to show support and love. 

Is the party co-ed?

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It may be more casual dress if it is, but at least try to match your date if you are coming with one, so that you look like you were on the same page about the shower. A button-down shirt for a guy would match a blouse for a lady just fine. Nice shoes and accessories can dress up even more casual looking clothes, as well. 

Are you in the inner circle? 

You may be expected to dress up a bit more if you are related more closely to the mom to be, such as a mother, mother-in-law, or sister — or if you are the host or one of the hosts. You may also be expected to as a very close friend of the mom to be. Consider that there are probably going to be a lot of pictures at a shower, and dressing up can make for some beautiful photos for the mom to be to treasure in the future. After all, it is the celebration of a whole brand new life coming into the world! 

Whatever you select to wear to a baby shower, remember that you’re coming for the mom to be, and the day is about her, her family, and celebrating her new baby – so what you wear will likely not be noticed too much, nor even remembered well in the long-term, but your presence means your support and love for them. Wear things that say, “I’m celebrating with you!” 


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