Importance of Breast Milk for Babies

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Breast milk provides benefits for newborn babies in many ways. Studies have shown that breast milk is undeniably beneficial in the nutrition and development of the baby. In this article we have compiled for you, we have listed the importance of breast milk for babies. Five significant benefits of breast milk for babies can be listed as follows;

  • Breast milk Contains the Right Proportion of Essential Nutrients That Babies Need
  • Breast milk Protects the Baby Against Diseases
  • Breast milk Lowers the Risk of Obesity in Children
  • Breast milk Contributes to the Intelligence Development of Babies
  • Breast Milk Contains Very Important Antibodies for Babies

1. Rich Food Source: Breast Milk

Babies are incredibly vulnerable and weak from the moment they are born. In this case, the environment they live in, the air they breathe, and the food they eat are of the essence for them. Breast milk is a nutrient-dense and healthy food source for such weak creatures. Studies have shown that thanks to the specific molecules in the structure of breast milk, it strengthens the immune system while feeding the baby.

However, although breast milk plays a primary role in the baby’s nutrition, it is not adequate. In this case, after six months, the baby should start to be fed with supplementary food and different food sources. Therefore, you should feed your baby with complementary foods that serve as complementary foods until at least two years old. As the baby develops, the structure of breast milk changes accordingly, showing that it is a miraculous liquid.

2. Breast Milk Protects the Baby Against Diseases

Breast Milk Protects the Baby Against Diseases

Thanks to many different molecules and probiotics in the structure of breast milk, it strengthens the baby’s immune system and protects the baby from diseases. The baby’s first defense system against diseases is provided by breast milk as soon as it is born. With breast milk, the baby gains resistance to the following problems:

  • Otitis media
  • Infection
  • common cold
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Sudden child deaths
  • Allergic diseases
  • Celiac disease
  • Diabetes and leukemia

3. Reduces Obesity Risk

Another miraculous benefit of breast milk in babies is that it reduces the risk of obesity. The nutritious food factors in breast milk prevent excessive food consumption by feeding the baby exactly as it should while providing a feeling of satiety at the same time. Studies have shown that the risk of obesity increases by 15-30% in children who do not consume breast milk. In addition, the duration of breastfeeding also reduces the risk of developing obesity. Studies conducted in this case contribute to a 4% reduction in the risk of obesity in infants fed with breast milk every month.

All these studies show us the significant role of breast milk in the nutrition of infants.

4. Breast milk Contributes to Intelligence Development

Breastfed babies constantly form more emotional bonds with their mothers than is normative. Although we do not have literature data on this subject, observations have shown that the development of emotional intelligence in breastfed babies is much more advanced. In addition, sucking ability in babies also contributes positively to brain development.

5. Breast milk is Rich in Antibodies

Antibodies are one of our body’s most important defense mechanisms. Antibodies in breast milk protect the baby against bacteria and viruses and prevent possible diseases. Especially, colostrum secreted together with breast milk forms the basis of the baby’s immune system.

  • The mother’s body, which has the disease in her life or during pregnancy, secretes antibodies against various bacteria and viruses, and these antibodies form the immune system in the body.
  • Thanks to breast milk, the baby ensures that the same antibodies are present in her body without catching these diseases, so it has a natural immune system. That’s why breast milk is truly a miraculous liquid.
  • Antibodies passed from Breast Milk to the baby start to protect the baby’s primary defense system such as mouth, throat, and nose.
  • Studies have proven that the risk of infection is higher in children who do not drink breast milk.

Breast milk is an incredibly beneficial liquid not only for the baby but also for the mother. As the body produces breast milk, it becomes much easier to lose weight after birth. Based on all these findings, you can understand how important breast milk is for your baby. Therefore, as long as there are no problems, you should feed your baby with breast milk and supplementary food until the time recommended by your doctor.

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