How to gift diapers in a cute way

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So you’re hosting a baby shower for a friend, or have a close friend who’s having a baby, and you know that diapers are a practical gift that they will need lots and lots of. How do you present them with something a little cuter than just a plain box? Beyond wrapping the box itself, there are many creative ideas that use a few diapers to create a decoration or gift that will be memorable and special for the expectant mom.

The Diaper Cake

Pros: It’s cute, you can find a ton of different videos and tutorials online for how to make one, there are lots of different ways to make them unique, and it probably won’t cost a lot more than the diapers themselves. Add some ribbons, bows, and perhaps a few extra colorful small gifts for a topper and color, and you can customize it for any theme.

Cons: The diapers are open – if they don’t get used in whatever size you picked, they can’t be returned, and they might get a bit dusty waiting if there are a lot of them, or if the shower is a couple of months before the due date. Perhaps you won’t use all of the diapers in a large box, so you’ll have to figure out a nice way to gift the extras, as well.

 The Diaper Bouquet

Pros: Similar to the diaper cake, a diaper bouquet looks like a bunch of (rolled, perhaps roses?) flowers, and would make a great centerpiece or gift. Add some bright tulle in fun colors, a vase, and roll those diapers, and you’ve got a fun gift.

Cons: Again, the diapers are open, so they may not be returned for a bigger size and may become dusty if there are still months to go. Also, if your tulle has sparkles, the diapers might get covered, so be careful what you use!

The Diaper Wreath

Pros: Diaper wreaths can go indoors or on the front door for the duration of the shower, and aren’t too hard to make if you get ahold of a wire wreath frame and lots of ribbons. Sometimes you can find these frames at a dollar store, and if not, most chain craft stores keep them in-stock year-round. You can add other useful items in for color and fun – anything from socks and teethers, to hand sanitizer and hair bows. Customize your wreath to match a theme, or if the mom doesn’t specify a theme or doesn’t know the gender, you can still match the season baby is to be born in or pick items that go well together.

Cons: Attach everything very well, especially if you use this on a door, or you’ll risk it falling off when the door is opened and shut! It may be a bit heavy, so choose items for your wreath carefully.

Diaper Babies

Pros: There are a bunch of different variations of these online to imitate, and you can customize them a lot! Who doesn’t love cute babies at a baby shower? Make just one, or a row of them!

Cons: Many of these take a bit more skill to assemble, and may not be full of other “reusable” items. You might need a variety of cloth squares, which can be found in the craft departments of some stores or at craft stores, or, you might need a tiny onesie to complete the look, depending on which variety you make and how many.

Cute gift box with cut out hearts

Cloth Diaper Cupcakes

Pros: These are unique, adorable, and don’t take as many diapers to complete the look, which is good since cloth diapers aren’t super cheap per item. The bottom may be filled with other diapering supplies, such as inserts, other covers, wipes, etc. and you may want to add a bow or decoration on top. Work your cupcake(s) into a broader theme or bring as a gift themselves!

Cons: More exclusively for cloth diapers – while many of these ideas work for both disposable and cloth diapers, this idea works best with a cute, printed, or brightly colored, cloth diaper cover as the cupcake top. You may need to know what brands your mom prefers a bit in advance to ensure you make the cupcake with diapers that will be interchangeable with her other diapering supplies, so double-check before you create.

Whatever way you choose to present your diaper gift, have fun testing your creativity while supporting the new mom!

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