How do you make a pregnancy survival kit?

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Someone close to you announces that they are pregnant, and perhaps you would like to do something to show them your excitement and support. A pregnancy survival kit can be a fun gift to celebrate with someone who has found out that they are expecting – especially if this is a long-awaited event, or even if this pregnancy was completely unexpected and has taken the mama-to-be a bit off guard. What kinds of things can you put into such a basket? While you may opt for some very practical gifts, this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring a lot of fun to your survival kit making. Here are some ideas to help you fill your kit:

Items to help with nausea

Ginger tea, ginger candies, ginger cookies, ginger ale (see a ginger theme here?), saltine crackers – these things could be included for some relief from morning sickness. Some people even swear by sea band bracelets. Some are more likely to find sports drinks helpful. Consider a few healthy, easy to eat snacks, such as granola perhaps, that could help curb queasiness.

A special water bottle

Staying hydrated is important during pregnancy, and after the morning sickness subsides a little, carrying around water would be a good habit that will be useful even into early motherhood with its busy, long days and nights. Pick a cute bottle in the mom-to-be’s favorite color, get a custom saying or initials affixed to it, or opt for an insulated one to keep her drink cool longer. Dishwasher safe is always a plus for the season of motherhood, because nobody has time for handwash only pieces.

Refreshing skin care options

Fun lip balm, general lotions, special belly cream that is supposed to be used to reduce the effects of stretch marks, and gentle face masks bring extra hydration to the skin. With all of the changes that happen with the pregnant body, this extra care can help to ensure comfort. You don’t have to go with the most expensive options, but rather just everyday use ones are still fine. Brands without strong smells, though, may be better, as pregnancy does cause some women to have an extra sensitive sense of smell, which can also trigger nausea

Fun, random, personalized things

Perhaps your friend or family member is into journaling – there are lots of fun pregnancy books to write through out there. (Don’t forget some colorful pens or felt tip markers!) Or maybe she would appreciate a more eclectic assortment of things: fuzzy socks, gum, mints, mouth wash, vitamins (if you know her preferences well), hair ties, a personalized coffee mug (if caffeine is not totally off-limits for her), or even a new planner to keep track of all of the appointments and things she will need to do to prepare for baby’s arrival. Gift cards may also be a great addition here, if you know her favorite places to get a cup of tea, a smoothie, or even something a little more expensive like her nails done, or a pregnancy massage.

Things you’ve tried and loved yourself

If you have experienced a pregnancy before, and something helped you a lot, whether it is a specific tea or an informative or humorous book or a really great product, add it to your kit, as this would be perfect to include for the mama-to-be to try, as well. A personal recommendation can be very valuable in sorting out what is hype and marketing and what is useful and necessary.

Many of these items can be found at your local dollar store, or grocery store, so you shouldn’t have to search long to find a variety of things that would make a nice survival kit. Some people do sell premade ones online, if you’d rather not build one from scratch. But no matter what you fill your pregnancy survival kit with – a perfectly themed set of gifts or a thoughtful random assortment – your friend or loved one will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness and having some necessities on hand. Show your support, love, and excitement through gifts that will really be used. Then put everything in a tote, basket with cellophane, or bucket from a dollar store, and tie it up with some pretty ribbons, or get an idea from Pinterest to add to the presentation of this survival kit gift.

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